The Fairbend Method

Posture is one piece of a complex puzzle, called the human body. Many things effect posture, ranging from Anatomical complexities and muscle weakness, to depression.

Sound posture is the foundation of The Fairbend Method of individualized therapeutic exercise. It is virtually imperative in order for all body parts to function properly and insure good health. The enhanced appearance resulting from sound posture is an enjoyable added benefit.

Posture is not static but dynamic, and is the basis for all movement! Sound posture enables efficient movement to prevent strain and injury, allowing one to enjoy life and activities.

Using the Fairbend Method, a patient history of past physical injury and health is first addressed as well as all their current needs. This is foremost to consider as an individual program is developed to increase flexibility, strength and endurance and to resolve their immediate need. In addition, body mechanics and ergonomics are emphasized to help perpetuate sound posture. The program also provides exercises specific to work for recreational activities in which the patient engages.

The Fairbend Method addresses the many influences leading to unsound posture.