Stand Up To Depression


Boston, MA
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Kathi Fairbend, MS, RPT, who has been called America’s leading physical therapist, and who has treated some of the most prominent individuals in the nation, has published a new book that offers hope to the millions who suffer with depression.  In STAND UP TO DEPRESSION she makes the case that depression can be partly relieved through simple physical exercises that gently coax the body into proper alignment—communicating strength, energy and optimism to the central nervous system.  Fairbend calls this the “body mind miracle.”

“We have accepted that there is a mind-body connection—that the mind can influence physical health,” Fairbend said.  “But data also prove a body-mind connection.  If one’s posture is consistent with confidence and positivity, that message from musculature is relayed to the brain, and can result in very significant improvements in mood.”

Fairbend says she has devised home exercises to achieve just that.  And she has seen her clients use them and emerge from depressed mood states, into much happier ones.  “Just think about the way a depressed person typically stands—hunched over, slope-shouldered, looking down.  If a simple series of exercises can get the body into a non-depressed stance, that can signal the mind that seemingly insurmountable problems can be overcome and that it’s time to look ahead.”

Fairbend’s theory has high-profile supporters. 

Donald Ingber, MD, PhD, professor of bioengineering at Harvard, said, Fairbend’s theory “offers a potential escape from the downward spiral of depression.”

Rock Positano, DPM, MSc, MPH, DSc (hon), Professor and Director of the Joe DiMaggio Sports Medicine Center at the Hospital for Special Surgery, said, “Stand Up to Depression takes readers a major step forward toward adopting a positive posture—mentally and physically—to help conquer the scourge of depression.

John Williams, Composer/Conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, said, “If you are lucky enough to acquire a copy of this book, live by it!”

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