Importance of Ergonomics

Importance of Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science of how an individual uses his body and equipment to produce a task with out producing injury. The task might be sitting at the computer, playing tennis or shoveling snow. Sound ergonomics prevents injuries and increases productivity at work, school and on the playing field. Employing sound ergonomics is an investment in health, productivity and morale.

Sound ergonomics demands that the individual be physically fit, use the correct piece of equipment correctly and not to do it for too long a period of time. Sound ergonomics integrates the individual body, the tools, the task and the environment in which the task is being performed. Whenever possible it is instructive to have an individual worksite evaluation.

Educational programs are the key to establishing a commitment to a comfortable and safe workplace. Sound ergonomics can be reinforced on a daily basis by reminding one another of proper posture, the correct use of the equipment and practice of good work habits.

Ergonomics is NOT a piece of equipment

Ergonomics is NOT just for adults

Ergonomics is NOT just for the work place

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