Services and Consultations

Kathi provides services ranging from Business Ergonomic Consultation, to Individual & Unique Physical Therapy at her office in Weston, MA or remotely.

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Ergonomic consultations by ErgoWorkplace have been utilized by hundreds of businesses, including the top 10 law firms in the country, industry providers, educational institutions and home offices. Consultations and recommendations are possible by phone.

A frequent corporate approach is to combine seminars on ergonomic health and prevention of injuries with individual worksite evaluations for the attendees. In addition, Kathi Fairbend consults on the design of specific workspaces, and advises on appropriate equipment and health and safety policies.

Any individual physical therapy consultation whether for the worker, student, musician, weekend or Olympic athlete includes ergonomics. Prevention and elimination of all musculoskeletal injuries requires instruction in both sciences.

Worksite Evaluations

Ergonomic Consulting to prevent workplace injuries. Injury prevention programs are individualized for each company or person.

Services include:

Worksite evaluations to help employees use their existing equipment correctly and safely. A written report is included.

Periodic consultation to help employees avoid and resolve computer related workplace injuries.

Assistance in choosing equipment that will enable individuals to work in an ergonomic sound manner.

Individual worksite evaluations to help employees adapt to a newly constructed worksite or simply a change in worksite.

Educational Seminars

Kathi Fairbend conducts educational seminars on the prevention and management of all work related musculoskeletal injuries. Computer related injuries are included in this category. These musculoskeletal injuries can range from back and neck pain to the commonly discussed tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Telephone Consultations

Individual ergonomic consultations for either home or corporate offices are possible by phone with the help of the internet and your photography. Recommendations include strategies for improved ergonomics and for prevention or treatment of specific musculoskeletal concerns.