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Kathi Fairbend, the author or STAND UP TO DEPRESSION ( and one of the America’s leading physical therapists, is the nation’s chief proponent of the link between improving posture and improving mood.  Ms. Fairbend has authored an open letter to “celebrity slouchers,” the stars whose wonderful talent, but poor posture, has been described by many journalists:

Dear Celebrity Slouchers:

Many of you been very courageous in sharing your bouts with depression.  I hope you will not object to my writing to you about a remarkable way you may be able to insulate yourself from additional episodes of low mood and low energy.

I am sure you are aware that the press has commented repeatedly on the poor posture some singers and actors display.  I don’t mention this to criticize you, but rather to make you aware that poor posture doesn’t just put you at risk for orthopedic issues, but may be one reason you are vulnerable to depression.  In fact, correcting your posture using the simple exercises I have developed as part of STAND UP TO DEPRESSION could keep your mood stable.

Here’s why:  The mind is constantly interacting with the body.  When we slouch over, we’re giving negative feedback to our minds (via actual neurotransmitters) that our problems are too weighty, that our confidence levels are falling and that we may buckle under the stresses we face. 

There is very strong evidence that when we correct bad posture and train our muscles to help us stand up straight, the opposite happens.  Our minds get positive feedback from our bodies about what we are facing and how we can overcome it.  Uplifting chemical messengers in the brain increase, and the risk of depression decreases.

Depressed mood can actually be reversed using my book STAND UP TO DEPRESSION.  John Williams, Composer/Conductor of the Boston Pops and Boston Symphony Orchestra said, “If you are lucky enough to acquire a copy of this book, live by it!”

I have decades of experience working with clients around the United States.  Some venture here to Boston.  Some work with me via video chats.  I think you folks know who you are, so I would like to offer you free sessions to achieve the gift of sound posture!


Kathi Fairbend

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