About Kathi Fairbend

Kathi Fairbend has owned her own physical therapy private practice since 1963. As a physical therapy and ergonomic consultant, she works with individuals and corporate clients throughout the country. She is a life member of both the American Physical Therapy Association, and a past member of the American College of Sports Medicine. Kathi has been an advisor for the Babson College MBA Entrepreneurial Program and has taught at Babson College, Boston University, Northeastern University and Simmons College. She has also been a consultant to the Department of Health Education and Welfare. In addition to producing a film about pre and post operative treatment for total hip replacement (presented at a National Physical Therapy Association Conference), Kathi has developed two DVD’s. The first, Stretch Away Back Pain, is recommended by physicians and used in corporate facilities throughout the country, and most recently, Stretch Away Neck, Shoulder and Arm Pain. She holds an M.S. from Boston University and a B.S. from Tufts University. ErgoWorkPlace Logo