Welcome to Kathi Fairbend, The Fairbend Method and Stand Up to Depression

The Fairbend Method comprehensively addresses the relationship between Posture, The Body, and the Mind – unlike any traditional solution.

Physical Therapy is often prescribed for physical injuries.
These injuries could be due to:
• Trauma: sustained in an accident, or sports injury
• Repetitive Stress: from repeating movements multiple times in a way that causes stress to muscles, tendons, and joints
• Inappropriate Workplace Equipment: Non-Ergonomic chairs, inappropriate table/computer height, inappropriate mouse and keyboard, etc., could all contribute to poor posture, stress injuries, and secondary conditions from poor posture.

What we don’t often (or ever) see, is the prescription of Physical Therapy for Mental Health.

This is where The Fairbend Method is different. 

There is a definite correlation between posture and mental health. Do you exhibit neck, shoulder, arm, and/or lower back pain? Perhaps drooping shoulders, or a slouched posture? As an unconscious expression of ourselves, posture may be a physical representation of your mental health.

Society demands appropriate care for mental health, but so many suffering with depression only receive one kind of treatment. Mental health is a multi-faceted problem, and should be approached as such. Physical therapy can help the needs of patients suffering depression with or without additional physical diagnoses.

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