Welcome to Kathi Fairbend, The Fairbend Method and Stand Up to Depression

The Fairbend Method comprehensively addresses the relationship between Posture, The Body, and the Mind – unlike any traditional solution.

Physical Therapy is often prescribed for physical injuries.
These injuries could be due to:
• Trauma: sustained in an accident, or sports injury
• Repetitive Stress: from repeating movements multiple times in a way that causes stress to muscles, tendons, and joints
• Inappropriate Workplace Equipment: Non-Ergonomic chairs, inappropriate table/computer height, inappropriate mouse and keyboard, etc., could all contribute to poor posture, stress injuries, and secondary conditions from poor posture.

What we don’t often see is a prescription for Physical Therapy for Mental Health.

This is where The Fairbend Method is different. 

There is a definite correlation between posture and mental health. Do you exhibit neck, shoulder, arm, and/or lower back pain? Perhaps drooping shoulders, or a slouched posture? As an unconscious expression of ourselves, posture may be a physical representation of your mental health.

Society demands appropriate care for mental health, but so many suffering with depression only receive one kind of treatment. Mental health is a multi-faceted problem, and should be approached as such. Physical therapy can help the needs of patients suffering depression with or without additional physical diagnoses.

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